Album: Trance Of Docile Existence (2012)

Song: DEAD

Bitrate: 320kbps

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We are two brothers who wanted to create music. Sharing a dream of being musicians together and playing to fans around the world. The songs we write not only inspire us but create the energy to inspire others.

In 2010 we added 2 members creating a traditional four piece band and played 18 shows together. During the last four shows together, we realized our new members didn't have the same dream or dedication required to grow as a band so we split up and went our separate ways. Feeling like we had taken two steps backwards we did nothing for a couple months until our Manager/Father convinced us we could do it alone. Well he was right and together we recorded our debut album "Trance of Docile Existence". We did it all from learning mic placement, recording rough tracks and then mixing them and finally mastering. It was hard and frustrating at times having no prior recording knowledge but we stayed focused and worked hard. We also designed all the artwork and shot the photos on our CD. The only exception is the dragon on back which we hired Sarah Staie a talented artist to draw it.

We put our heart and soul into our music not to mention that in the beginning of 2014 we redid our album because we felt it could have been better with the new knowledge we gained. What we missed most while recording our album was playing live and sharing our music. Looking back we are thankful to have a Father who believed in us when others did not and allowed us to take our dream and make it a reality. He is also credited for writing the lylrics for "Embers of Rebellion" and "Trance of Docile Existence".

As for our music, it consists of many different styles intertwined together with tempo changes creating a unique experience.
Our live performance is best described as almost a living entity - Flowing thru the veins on Atronach's guitar and pounding thunder thru the skins on Cryosis's Drums becomes a reality through our all out performance.